Interesting place

Restaurant of hotel Viktor is furnitured in a modern and clear style. Pleasant and warm colours, which are liven up by the allochrous colours of columns in the bar, prevail. The bar is spaciously altered and generously offers place for seven guests who have the opportunity to watch the craftmanship of a skillful bartender.

It is worth noticing an unusual “lounge”, which is separated in sound from the main part of the restaurant, but the guests still stay in the visual contact by glass wall. This part is built a little above the restaurant´s ground by which it emphasizes its own separating character.

Exquisite cousine

Hotel´s guests as well as the other visitors will surely appreciate delicious meals from the proficient chef. Restaurant´s menu consists of traditional food from international cousine. Also selected Slovak food isn´t missing. You will taste fresh herbs and interesting combination of spice, which create a gastronomical experience.

In our menu, you will also find thoroughly selected wines from famous Slovak wine growers, by which we make your food more tasteful. If you have a taste for dessert, you will always find something delicious, while we try to conform the food to the actual season.

Restaurant suitable for events

With the capacity of 70 places and shapable space we are able to serve any kinds of events. We would like to offer you this place for your company event, party, wedding or birthday celebration.
Places are sound and covered by three LCD screens. There is wi-fi internet connection available for free.

For making a reservation or more information call : +421 2 63 45 20 85.

Traditional dishes
Slovak cuisine is quite varied and differs according to region.It is influenced by the cuisine of neighbouring countries,mainly by Czech,Polish,and Hungarian.The most typical Slovak food is bryndza dumplings with bacon.Dumplings are made of potato dough mixed with bryndza-a special kind of sheep cheese.They taste the best on sheep farms/salaš/ and shepherd s huts/koliba/.Other traditional meals are cabbage/strapačky/,bryndza pasty,potato dampers,lokšw/dryly baked potato dampers/.Favourite fish dish is our country is trout.A good Slovak dinner cannot be without soup:sauerkraut soup called:kapustnica,garlic soup-cesnačka,bean soup with frankfurter,lentil soup,beef or hen soup.
Traditional pastry in Slovak cuisine is made of leavened dough ,or it is buns filled with marmalade,poppy-seeds,cottage cheese,or nuts.

Traditional Drinks
Slovakia belongs to countries with one of the most high-quality table mineral waters.Slovak made flavoured bererages Vinea and Kofola successfully rival with their equal competitors in the world.
A well-know Slovak spirit is borovička distilled from juniper berry,but among the favourites is also slivovitz.In chalets,ask fore Horec,which is spirit with extract of gentian root/in Slovak horec/.Another popular drink is Demänovka made of healing herbs and forest fruits.
Also beer is very popular in Slovakia.Slovak beers are of high-quality and taste comparable to great Czech  beers.There is a long tradition of growing wine grape in Slovakia.Types of wines of high quality are grown here,including the world famous Tokaj wine area on southeast of the country.